Since Isabelle is not completely with me on watching CNN all afternoon, I have allowed a recess in proceedings and she gets to watch disney channel for half an hour!!
In these early stages of the american election vote count it appears that Obama is doing ok… So I thought I would share a wee outing we went on yesterday!!

Meeting the Prime Minister
I’ve been trying to explain all this electionairing to Belles in a way that she understands. She is very interested in places and cities and countries at the moment and likes looking at maps.
So she has grasped the concept of America and New Zealand as different places. America being where disneyland is and where it takes a long time to get to on a big aeroplane!

So yesterday our Primeminister Helen Clarke was on a walk about in Upper Hutt.
Being solid Labour supporters, Isabelle, Ashton and I went along.
Isabelle: “who’s that mum”
Mum: “thats the Prime minister. her name is Helen. She is Aunty Carolines boss and she is the boss of New Zealand.”
Isabelle: “the boss of all of New Zealand?”
Mum: ” Yes, all of New Zealand. Do you think you would like to do that job?
Isabelle: “um, naa I just want to tell you where to go”. (she means she wants to be allowed to tell me where to drive the car… left or right… to town or to home, macdonalds or the swimming pool no doubt!!).
Mum: “Thats ok, its a very big job being the Prime Minister so Helen Clarke has lots of people to help her”.
Isabelle: “who?”
Mum: “Well see the man in the red tie? His name is Chris and he helps Helen. and Aunty Caroline helps Helen as well”.
… wee scuffle as Isabelle has to get up on a chair so she can see the man in the red tie (Chris Hipkins, Labour candidate)…..
we wondered down and got to shake Helen Clarkes hand!! Then we got given a couple of pamphlets which Ashton, wearing his red jacket, waved about in true labour supporter fashion!!
On the way home I suggested to Isabelle she could give news at kindy that she got to shake hands with the prime minister, the boss of New Zealand.
Isabelle: “I will tell them I shaked hands with Aunty Car-wa-yines boss. Mum why was aunty car-wa-yines boss here?”
err… this one took some explaining, that on the weekend all the grown ups get to choose if they want Helen to keep being the boss of New Zealand or if they want someone else…
Isabelle: “but we just want Hae-yin don’t we mum. We want her to be the boss all the days after the nights aye mum?”
Mum: Yes we do Isabelle. We do we do we do!!!

Ah yes. My work here is done!!!!