Part 3: I have a dream… (see what I did there?)

As we drove on, getting closer to home, the air on cold to keep us awake, we nattered away about all things Westlife.  As you do when you are Westlife fans who have just been to a Westlife concert. duh.
Westlife were doing their biggest concert ever the next month, at Croke Park in Dublin, which holds 85 ish thousand people.  Then they were taking a year off – and we agreed that regardless of what they said, they would probably not come back after that, at least not at a level of doing such big tours or concerts.  We were talking about how awesome it would be to see them in Ireland, how Croke Park would just be amazing.  This led us on to talk of holidays and places we had been to or wanted to go to.  I had spent a while in the UK a few years before, but had not made it to Ireland, and as Jac nattered away about her really good friend and how she had lived for a year in Ireland, how she had loved hearing all about the beautiful places she visited, how their was an Abbey she had seen in photos that she would love to go to, I may have mentioned that it would be pretty freaking awesome girls trip away – to go to Ireland, see Westlife at Croke Park.  We could get a rental car and tootle about the country.  There was the small issues of it being you know, like the other side of the world. Oh yes, and Jac’s intense fear of flying.  But hell we figured, if we can do a 15 hour round trip to New Plymouth then we could make it to Ireland. Easy!!

So a plan was formed.  We decided that in 2 years time, should Westlife come back, which we thought highly unlikely, but IF they did, then Jac and Chelle would be going to Ireland!

Now I’ll admit the plan was a bit adventurous, more like a dream than a plan.  At the time Ashtie was 9 months old and I got teary eyed at just the thought of leaving him for a night, let alone 2 or 3 weeks.  But it was about 1am in the morning, and we had just stepped well outside our comfort zones, done something rather silly and fun and the high from it carried us home.

So the year rolled on, Westlife released their Live at Croke Park DVD and we said to each other “we’ll be there next time”.  Then we would laugh at how crazy it sounded.  The other side of the world?  Yeah sure we will.