This time last week we were basking in the glorious excitement of the royal wedding… Kate and Wills got all troth-ed up together and we were right there with them.  Well not ‘right there,’ having not been on the ‘A’ list, let alone the B,C or D lists.   However while watching with my fellow royal ladies from the comfort of our five star Normandale palace (one can dream), we came up with our own wee version of six degrees of separation…

So here you have it… all the proof you need of our Royal connections…

  • Lady Caroline has met HRH Prince William.  She has touched him!  Not in that way… she shook his hand though!
  • Lady Catherine lived at Wanganui Collegiate when Prince Edward was living there.
  • Lady Rochelle worked at D.R. Harris, on St James’s Street, where she stood in the same room as The Duchess of Kent.  D.R. Harris are also the chemist Prince Charles uses, though Lady Rochelle was not allowed to look at that particular file.   (She was waved to by THE Billy Connelly, which might be less than relevant in this context, but is still exciting).
  • Lady Wendy was primary school teacher to News of the World Showbiz Editor Dan Wooton, who was himself reporting ‘live’ from Westminster Abbey on the day.  Go Mrs Milne!
  • Lady Jacqueline went toMarlboroughGirlsCollege, Kate Middleton also went toMarlboroughCollege.

Okay so the last one might be a bit of a stretch, but it still counts!

What’s your connection?