Do you ever wonder why people are mean?  I’m not saying there are a bunch of people out there looking for something to be aggro over, but sometimes I wonder if people are rude or angry or just plain mean, because they haven’t stopped for a moment, taken a breath, and thought hey – is this really worth giving out over?Don’t get me wrong, I have moments where my inner rage spillith over.  I’m not perfect.  I loose my cool, I roll my eyes… case in point the woman at a dress shop in Queensgate.  I love the clothes in this shop, but honestly Murial, this woman makes the experience painful.  Her homing beacon flashes the moment you cross the threshold where she immediately wants to know how you are and how your day has been, then proceeds to follow you around, telling you how great that top or dress is and had you heard there was a sale on?  I’m guessing the giant sign in the window and hanging on the mannequin might have alerted me but hey, thanks for the heads up. God help you if you want to try something on… you’ll be checked in on 23 times, told how fabulous you look, even if you look like a small teenage boy wearing his mothers Sunday frock.Now I’ll admit that had you happened to be in the shop yesterday, and witnessed this shop assistants forth approach in the space of two minutes, you may have seen me look very sternly at her and say very firmly, very slowly and pointedly,  “NO. THANK YOU.”
I was borderline rude.  I should of / could of added “GO AWAY,” which I was screaming in my head.  But I didn’t.
Perhaps I’m a bit of a sap.  You might think I’m a bit of a walkover, and I guess at times I am, but I do think I’d rather be thought of as a sap than a big old meanie.

Yesterday we went to the movies in the afternoon.  As Aidan had predicted, the afternoon movie slots are mostly frequented by the golden oldies.   This is great, a joy of retirement meaning you can go to the movies when ever the hell you want! 
We went to the Lighthouse in Petone,  it’s such a pleasurable experience there, lovely staff, squishy couch seats and pillows.  We all plonked ourselves down.  A couple of golden oldies weren’t sure of their seat numbers, having followed the other oldies up to the top row, but the small theatre wasn’t full so they plonked down where they were standing.  We all snuggled down with our ice-creams and waited for the movie to start.  Just as the lights were about to be dimmed, a middle aged man and woman appeared in the theatre.  The back seat was full and the golden oldies it appeared, were sitting in their seats.
“We can move some people, or do you mind sitting somewhere else?” the attendant asked the middle aged couple.  “Yes, I do, the man said, I want my seat.”  He stood there quite oblivious to the other people waiting for the film to start, a rather smug look on his face.

Now the theatre is small, three rows of seats.  You could sit on the floor in front and still see it all.  We had 2 spare couches in the second row.  But no.  He wanted HIS seats.
Now had this been some giant theatre and the only seats left were on the side where you have to crink your neck and you still only see half of what’s going on, well fair enough.  But this was a small theatre, no impeded views, the whole front row (which was about one metre away from the back row) was spare, everyone else had managed to get there and seated with plenty of time, and this guy rocks up with his latte and stands there demanding a couple of old folk unfold themselves from their seats and move somewhere else.  And you know what I thought?  I thought god, what an ass.  He didn’t seem at all concerned about the disruption to anyone else, as long as he got what he wanted.

I wondered… what happened to being kind?
What do you think?  Would you have given up your seats for an elderly couple, if it meant you were half a metre closer to the screen?

When we left the movie theatre and were turning onto Jackson Street, I stopped the car to let a family with young children cross the road.  It was busy and they had been waiting a while.
Would you have stopped? Or would you have kept going?

I just think, in life, we sometimes forget that small things can make a difference.  It’s sometimes a little inconvenient to be nice, but being kind and caring is worth it –
Isn’t it?