Any one else wake up in the early hours of the morning with a cake idea knocking round in their head?

I quite enjoy pottering about in the kitchen as the sun is coming up, the warmth from the oven and the sweet smells filling the air as slowly the house wakes up and the production line of toast and coffee and cups of tea begins.

This wee baby was for my little brother’s birthday tea last night.  It’s got enough butter cream

Inside the cake!

in it to sink a small ship.  That’s why it’s so good!

The cake… 

You just need a basic vanilla or butter cake recipe.  I used the Butter cake recipe from the Edmonds cook book.  It made a small cake, but if you’re looking for something on a more grand scale, you’d probably want to double, or even triple the recipe.

I would also suggest, if you were so inclined, you could pick up a cake mix in a box and save yourself even more time, if time is something you are short on!

If you don’t have the Edmonds cook book (Shock! Horror!) here are a few links for butter cake…


1.Once you’ve got your cake mix ready to go, plop it out into three pudding bowls, so that each has the same amount.

Ready to colour and flavour!

See the morning sun glowing in the background… beautiful…


2. I started with the Vanilla layer.

Vanilla layer







I just added an extra teaspoon of vanilla extract to the mix, put the cake in the pan and popped it in the oven.  Remember it’s only 1/3 of the mix so it only took about 10 minutes to cook!

3.  Next up I put a half teaspoon of strawberry essence and some pink food colouring into bowl number two.

Strawberry layer








Pop it in the pan and into the oven.

4.  Last, and my no means least.  I put a tablespoon of cocoa and a big handful of Whittaker’s coconut chocolate, that I’d chopped up into little pieces, into the last bowl of cake mix.

Chocolate (and coconut!)








Again, pop it in a pan, and in the oven!

5. Once the cakes are cooked, allow them to cool completely.

This is a good time to drive to the supermarket for more butter.  And a news paper.

Note, you probably won’t get time to read the newspaper.  


The icing… 

1.  Standard butter cream.  Make a double batch.  You can never have too much butter cream!

2.  Take a big dollop out and spread it on the vanilla layer.  Sandwich the strawberry layer on top.

3.  Go back to your mixer, add in some pink food colouring and wizz it till it’s pinky pie!  Take a big dollop of this and spread it on top of the strawberry layer.

4.  Cut up a pile of strawberries and lay them on top of the pink buttercream icing.  I used tinned ones that were well drained, but only because the supermarket had run out of fresh ones.  But they still tasted delish!

Just before the chocolate...

5.  Go back to your mixer, where you’ll have a pile of pink buttercream.  Add in a tablespoon or so of cocoa and mix it up till it’s however chocolately you like.  Add a wee little bit of water if the icing gets too thick.  Smear this chocolatey goodness all over your cake, all over the sides and smooth it out as best you can.


The decorating… 

I sprinkled on a handful of chopped up coconut chocolate.  Then I used the “nice and natural” lollies… YES – THEY ARE LOLLIES.  DO NOT BE FULLED BY THEIR CRAZY NAME,  ‘MADE FROM REAL FRUIT ADVERTISING, STOCKED IN THE MUSELI BAR ISLE RATHER THAN CONFECTIONARY TRICKERY… 

Okay, rant over.  You can come back…

So, the nice and natural lollies have all kinds of shapes and nuggets and strings and things, and I found they now have frogs and crocodiles!  I went with the crocodiles this time.


















The birthday boy








Inside the cake!