At the vege markets yesterday we stumbled upon a pile of cheap and cheerful beetroot.  Right next door was a pile of equally as amicable red onions, and I said … “Oh, I could make beetroot relish!”

Now, I’ve never made this before, and really wasn’t sure what was involved, but google is my friend.  I munched and lunched and surfed the inter-web-computer-thingie and came up with two recipes I liked, one by Nigella Lawson, my kitchen Queen, my baking beauty, my … well I just love her… and one by Aunt Daisy, and you know you can’t go past a bit of Aunt Daisy, national New Zealand icon that she is.

So between these two wonderful women, and me… this is what we got!

Aidan and I had it on our burgers last night and it was BEAUTIFUL.  I’ve just polished off a ham sandwich smothered in the stuff, and though I didn’t have any sterile jars to put it in as your supposed to, we’re half way through the container in the fridge already so I can’t see it being a ‘shelf life’ kind of a problem!

Chelle’s Fruity Beetroot Chutney

hubble, bubble...


1 kg Beetroot, peeled and cut up in to little pieces

250gms Red Onions, sliced in the food processor (or sliced up by hand)

150gms Dried Apples, cut into little pieces

100gms Other Dried Fruits, cut up into little pieces (I used prunes, apricots and saltanas)

1 cup Malt Viniger

1 Teaspoon Nutmeg

1cm of ginger, grated (I used my fancy rasp thing-a-me to do this)

2 Teaspoons of Salt

175gms Dark Muscovado sugar

How to do it

I love how the dried apple takes on the beetroot colour and almost glows pinky red!

Take all the the little bits and pieces and put them in a big pot.

Get it bubbling then turn the heat down and cook for approx an hour or so, until it’s all soft and mushy and delicious looking.

You’re done!  Proceed in fashion of steralising jars and pouring into them if you so desire!