Lovely chickens… I have news!

Yesterday morning Aidan and I dropped the kidlets off at Kindy and School, suitcases packed for a night with Grannie and Bump, and we zipped up the North Island; Kapiti Coast, Foxton, Sanson, Right at Bulls, Waiouru, Desert Road, Taupo Bypass, Tokaroa, plenty of road works and then at last we arrived in Cambridge.

Cambridge are starting their Autumn Festival and as part of the celebrations there was a short story competition.  My story “no returnsies” was chosen as a finalist.

We stayed at the Captains Quarters, in a wonderfully large unit that had everything we needed, including a bath where I soaked away the driving stiffness and got prettied up.

We met some wonderful people at the Festival opening, and when they announced the winners of the Short Story competition, will you look what I came away with… FIRST PLACE!


If you want to read my story you can do so here.

I met some wonderful Cambridge people who were so lovely and supportive and are all very excited to read my story, and it appears that I may make an appearance in their local paper, The Cambridge Edition, next week.

All of this is beyond fabulous, being the first time I have won a writing competition!  It’s such a wonderful feeling to know that other people are enjoying my writing.

With work and family commitments back home here in Welly, Aidan and I were up before the birds.  Except this one.  Just goes to show, anyone can wear pearls.

The road trip home was good.  We stopped at Waiouru Army Museum Cafe on the way home.  It’s my wee cup of tea stop on my way up or down the North Island.  I love the airy comfortable cafe, the friendly staff, the clean loos and the gift shop is great too!

Now I’m back home, and I’ve put myself to bed.  13 hours driving in the last two days has left me a little frazzled!  I’ve just asked Aidan to come and take a photo to show you myself in bed.  The first one I had a wonky eye thing going on so I had to get him to take another one.  Don’t you hate it when you get the wonky eye photos?  Or the triple chin ones.  Anyway, here I am…

I’m going to watch some Grand Designs now and then I’ll be telling Aidan I’m going to be living in that one, and he’ll be saying I thought you wanted to live in a barn, or a boat house?  And I will be saying no, that was last week and the week before, keep up!

But, before I go and hang out with Mr McCloud, I wanted to say to everyone who reads my ramblings, and who has sent me such wonderful messages of congratulations and support, thank you all so much!