Can you believe it chickens?  The last day of the first term is over!  Where did the weeks go?

I made some carrot cake cupcakes for our teachers yesterday and the kids took them along to school and kindy with their coloured-in Easter cards.

Cupcakes for our teachers

They each wrote their own messages,  “thanks for teaching me” and “you are the best teacher.”  Ashtie drew a jellyfish in his because, well, what’s Easter without a jellyfish??

Our teachers work bloody hard.   They spend their work day in a small room with up to 30 (or more) of our little darlings, and still manage to treat each child as an individual and strive to meet their learning needs.

They work long hours, using up their supposed holidays to plan and prep for the next round of lessons and topics.

They spend their own money on resources – certificates, stickers, glitter… all those things that are above the basic crayons and paper, your teacher has probably paid for out of their own pocket.

They give up lunch times and breaks to run extra curricular activities, to organise productions, to run sports teams, to teach the choir.

They go to Kindergarten Wheelathons, to School Discos, to parent teacher interviews, and even though it’s all out of work hours, there is no such thing as over time.

AND, they have to put up with a current government who like to make it sound like teachers have it easy, that they sit around doing nothing much, and suggest what they do is little more than baby sitting, and you know, anyone can do that! 

What we do know is that dedicated teachers work incredibly hard so that our kids can have a top class education that is interesting and fun and will prepare them for the future!

So to all the wonderful teachers out there, I just wanted to say…

Image: Stuart Miles /

I know you don’t hear it enough, but you are amazing and wonderful and we’d be lost without you!

Have a fabulous Easter break teachers, and we’ll see you back next term for round two!



image: Stuart Miles