Chickens!  I’ve been slack.

It’s been a week since my last post.  For those of you out there with a blog, I’m sure you’ve had your share of the nagging guilt that comes when you haven’t got around to blogging for a while.

Well I’m banishing the guilt right now, and I’ll fill you in on all of the some what interesting things I’ve thought about and experienced this week.  Most are unrelated, but eclectic collections of thoughts can be just as joyful as a well thought out and planned piece of writing, so without further ado…

  • Blame it on the weatherman

    This just in from Lower Hutt…


Exciting no?  Well chickens, this is what I’ve been looking at from my vantage point up on the Western Hills this week.

Now don’t panic people, I’m not turning into some kind of Met Service mooch…  but I just had to say, aren’t school pick ups just a joy to behold when it’s blowing southerly and you can see the rain washing over you in sheets?

One of those things people never really tell you when you decide to have children, is how much fun! it is to drag a small grumpy child through puddles, to collect a pile of over excited, been stuck inside all day, slightly bigger children, only to find one of them is missing, and obviously isn’t wearing their rain coat because you’ve just picked it up off the cloak room floor!!

However, once all small children have been located and accounted for, and dressed appropriately, and you’ve corralled them back through the rain and wind and muddy puddles to the car, the best thing ever happens.

You get to have Milo and marshmallows and watch movies… Three magical M’s!  Is there anything more lovely?

  • A very important date!

Chickens… we’ve got it!

My super fantastic other half Aidan has been given a date for his nerve surgery in early June… you’ll remember I filled you in a while back on his brachial plexus problems…

Well!  We’ve got ourselves to a great surgeon, and Aidan’s been given a couple of options involving nerve grafts, which involves taking bits of nerve from other places like the top of his foot or somewhere on his side, and putting them where the broken ones are.  Or, nerve transfers, which involves moving a nerve that’s already in his arm over to where the broken ones are, and letting them attach and do the job.  It is of course far more complicated than that very basic explanation, and we won’t know which options are the best for Aidan, probably until the surgeon gets in there and has a look.  He was very honest about the nerve doctors around the world being quite split on what they think is the “best” way to go… so he’s having a think about it and he’ll talk to us again before he goes in there.

So it’s fantastic news, but the surgery is in Auckland, and is a biggie-all-day-type event,  so I’ve been in a bit of a frantic state sorting out accommodation and flights and timetables for where the kids will be.

My sister Jac is coming to hold my hand while Aidan is having it done.  I’ll admit I’m a tiny bit apprehensive since the last time he was in hospital he ended up in ICU, but I’m focusing on the positives and eliminating the negatives and I’m not messing with anything in between!

We’ll be up in Auckland for a week or so, I’ve organised for the kids to fly up in the weekend with my Mother and Father in-law, and they seem to be okay with it all.  Ashton is quite pleased he gets to go on an aeroplane and Isabelle is worried that I will be taking the iPhone and she will miss her smurfs.

(Those small blue things are beginning to get on my nerves!)

So now that the organising is done, I’m quite calm.  I’ve even sorted my little brother to come house sit and look after Button’s, so we’re good to go!

  • Miniball begins – Panther Power!

That’s right Chickens.  Miniball season has officially started!  Much excitement filled Monday afternoon with all three Panther players checking the clock on the microwave every 10 minutes to see if it was time to go.

Isabelle, Joshua and Harrison are all in the same team, thankfully,  or I’d have spent all Monday afternoon driving at high-speed between basketball courts!

They love it!  The basket ball hoop attached to our garage is getting a good workout and I’ve been requested to buy another basket ball today so Isabelle can practice!

Go Panther’s! 

  • Mrs G and the E6 Superstars

My sister Jacqui teaches a New Entrant class at Eastern Hutt School here in Lower Hutt.  I’ve been popping in this week to help with a bit of reading and writing.

This is a photo of Mrs Graham modeling story writing.  Her picture plan is of our Mammy Milne.  You can tell because she has flicky hair and shiny black boots!

I love Mrs G’s classroom.  It’s full of colour and art and the kids are so great and welcoming.  With all the new things they are learning about school, it’s fantastic  to see E6 so willing to give things a go and try new things…

Please go and check out their blog and leave a comment for them!

  • Quiche!

I’ve a soft spot for quiche.  I always use my Kylemore Abbey cookbook as a base, and throw in what ever I’ve got happening in the fridge.  I’m a bit trial and error when it comes to the quiche.  This week I used half milk, half sour cream with the eggs, as it needed using up.  Then I had some courgettes and some ham and onion and a bit of spinach.  Then Aidan got mushrooms sprinkled on his side and I got tomatoes on mine.  Avocado and snow peas on the side, and I have to tell you – bloody brilliant!

  • On the tele…

Now Chickens.  Homeland has finished, and didn’t they just set it up well for next season.


I was quite thrilled to be honest, having been a little worried they might do something a bit corny and already done.  But no!  It was very clever.  Will she remember?  We’ll have to wait and see!

Touch.  Isn’t it good?  That Kiefer Sutherland just doesn’t stop being awesome.

I’ll admit that I had slight 24 confusion the other night when he yelled out “Damn it Jake!”  … Jack Bauer came stumbling onto the screen and off again.  But I’m really enjoying the story lines and the clever connections with the numbers.

Call the midwife is fabulous!  I had a couple of episodes to catch up on this week and Aidan came in to find me red nosed and watery eyed.  What an incredible cast and fabulous glimpse at the difficult job they had.  Those poor Women, having babies pop out them with alarming regularity.  No lovely gas or epidurals either!  Madness!

Note, I’m in total awe at the women out there who manage to have their babies without any form of drugs, but I’ve very much pro getting through childbirth in which ever way you need to!  And if that involves sucking the lovely gas or having some pain relief then I’m all for it! 

Now Chicken’s, tell me, what on earth is going on with Home and Away?  How could you not have all told me about the alarming number of seriously good-looking blokes on there at the moment?

Flaunting it

I didn’t recognise a single soul, but it was on while I folded the washing the other night and in less than three minutes I was hooked!  I’m seriously going to have to hop back on the omnibus this weekend.

And last but by no means least, Rawdon Christie is moving from Saturday Breakfast and is going to be on the tele EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING!

Go on, tell me you’re not excited.  I’ve been feeling quite sad that I don’t manage to watch Rawdon enough on Saturday mornings, but they have been a stretch for me.

Kids cricket all summer, and then I can’t deny my children the time-honoured tradition of Saturday morning cartoons, though Ashton has insisted this morning on watching golf.  He’s come to inform me when someone has got a birdie,

“But Mum, mostly they just keep getting bogies.”

Am I even spelling that right?  I’ve got a small fear he might ask me to buy him some golf clubs.  Not that it would be that bad really.  If he decided to be a professional I could see myself supping cups of tea in the club house and eating egg sandwiches while he’s out there winning the masters… is that what it’s called?  I might need to brush up on my golf knowledge.

So, back to the main point I was making,  I’m super pleased Mr Christie is making the move to weekday mornings!

Well that’s about all I can think of right now.  I’ve a couple of fabulous recipes to get up over the weekend… one for Plum Shortcake (Oh my gosh so delish you’ll not be able to stop eating it!) and another choc chip biscuit recipe, this time one that is so super easy and fast and makes fantastic flat chewy biscuits.

Watch this space!