Last couple of posts have been a little political, and rather uppity, yes?  Well chickens, let’s take a moment to calm down from all the ranting.

I just took two minutes to go and look for things here at home, that me feel happy, joyful, fancy and fun… and now I share my hump day delights with you!

1. My new boots

I don’t enjoy shoe shopping.  I have tiny feet.  But last weekend I found not one pair of boots, but two!

Granted, one pair are a size 3 from the children’s section, and the shop assistant did ask me if my little girl wanted them in her own bag to carry.  When I pointed out they were actually for me, she looked below the counter and agreed that my feet were rather on the small side!

However, my very clever sister appeared with the boots in the photo … adult boots, real grown up shoes,  in a small size 5 …

I’m still smiling!

2. Isabelle is reading The Twits.  

For the 20 something time.  I can still remember having it read to me at Primary School.  The magic Roald Dahl creates in his stories is something I am so excited Isabelle has found!




3.  Heat Pump

It’s winter folks.  It’s cold.  And I am ever so grateful for being able to push a button and heat up the room!



4. Ashton’s Bookcase

Children’s books are so important.  Reading with your kids is fun.  It builds their imagination, engages them in something other than the big square box, and gets them ready for a life full of learning.  I love that we have so many books in our house!





5.  The best chips in the whole world

Bluebird sweet chilli relish are amazing.  Can’t stop eating them.  Don’t be fooled by that other brand, upper cuts or something, they are NOTHING at all like these ones.  So good.

There you have it chickens! My hump day delights… and I hope you’ve got some little lovelies of your own that are making you smile today!

Happy Hump Day!