Our last holiday day yesterday, and after the worlds fastest slip slop slap of sunblock, we piled into the cars and headed over to Waihi for a ride on the old train.

We arrived just as it left, but in true kiwi style, they tootled back and picked us, and the other stragglers up!

The train and line is a section of track that once linked Waihi to the main North Island lines, however when this became unviable, they dismantled the track and all that is left is the section between Waihi and Waikino.

It’s like stepping back in time, rumbling down the track in an old carriage. We sat in our shorts and jandals and imagined the ladies back in 1905 when the service first operated, travelling in their petticoats and dresses and hats and gloves!


We then went in search of the gold mine, and found the old pump house, an imposing old structure that reaches high into the sky and offers a glimpse of Waihi’s mining past.


It’s truly rewarding discovering new places within your own country – New Zealand’s history may be short compared to other countries, but it’s so valuable and interesting to learn what and who came before us!