I’ve been doing a bit of baking… 

I spent a bit of time in the kitchen yesterday.  In the summer school holidays, I do a lot of pottering about.  There are no extraneous reasons for turning the oven on.  No school lunch boxes to fill, or Birthday party deadlines to meet.  There is no real need to watch the clock, to get kids into bed at a decent time, for the sun doesn’t set till after 8pm anyways.

So my kitchen time is my own.  I can prop up on a stool and while-away time with a IMG_2629cup of tea and a stack of cookbooks.

I can tootle about, trying out new meal ideas, or repeating old favourites.  Or if I’m not in the mood for measuring and mixing, I can eat avocado on toast and give the kids crimpy chicken crackers straight from the box!

IMG_2628With the kids busy out playing outside, and my sister just over the kitchen bench for company, I powered up Pinkerbelle, and while we nattered and nibbled and chattered, I made some choc chip cookies, followed by a quick ginger crunch. They’re my baking staples, two things that get repeated throughout the year, over and over again.

But at Christmas time, they get a break.  Those sticky recipe book pages get to rest in the dusty dark corner of the shelf, while I flip to the festive pages, spending my time rolling marshmallow snowballs, and soaking dried fruit for Christmas cake and little star topped mince pies.

But it’s mid January now, and it felt good to get back to basics.  To dust off the old-faithfuls and accept that with the beginnings of a new year, there are things that will fold over, that will tag along into 2013.

What things do you like to roll over each year?
IMG_2631My things are writing, baking and books.  Three things I enjoy, that give me joy!  Three things that can sooth my soul, that can fill me with excitement, that give me pride and fill me with passion.

I have other things – a love of American sitcom’s, a bit of sewing here and there, pottering on pinterest and twittering too.


I like dancing around the lounge to pop music, and watching things sort of grow in my garden.  These are other things that will no doubt come with me into 2013.

I love planning holidays.  And taking photos of my kids.  So I’ll be carrying those things through the year as well!



What makes your life unique?

The New Year is a great opportunity to reassess, to make resolutions, to kiss good-bye to the crappy stuff and embark on a journey of new self-discovery.  I love the opportunity to dream of new things – to make plans and plot new paths.  A chance to reinvent, to discover new parts of me.

But I also love the familiarity of the things that make me who I am, that make me happy.  That make my life my own.

What things will you be bringing with you this year?

Image courtesy of [basketman] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of [basketman] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net