I know it’s only Thursday, but with it being Good Friday tomorrow, and spending the afternoon on the Touch Rugby field sidelines with the kids, and coming home at tea time and staring into the fridge wondering what I could throw together without too much effort… It’s more Friday than Thursday.

And I have a thing about alliteration. Perhaps I could have tried an Irish lilting t-ursday tea time, but this is a meal that’s perfect for Friday nights. So lets get on with it!

This made enough for three people, or one small one (me) and one hungry one (Aidan). The instant brown rice is brill, so quick and easy!

First up I took two eggs and whisked them up with a slosh of milk. I poured them in a fry pan and let them spread out like a thin omlette, layered some shaved ham on top, then rolled it up like a log. I set it aside.

While a bag of brown rice did its two minute thing in the microwave, I sliced up spring onions. I put the cooked and hot brown rice in the fry pan with the onion, and some grated ginger. Then I put it on the plate with the egg.

Next up was the tortillas, just heated till puffy in the hot fry pan, then it was a matter of assembly.

I spread the tortillas with avocado, piled on the rice, the egg ham roll and a decent swirl of sweet chilli sauce. The a pile of last nights left over salad and some feta sprinkled on top.

Tea served, tummy filled, kids in bed, time for some tele!