Chickens!  I’m into my final week of husband-less-ness.

Did I tell you he was away?  He’s on the other side of the world, sharing time between England and Scotland and catching up with his brother Mark in Leven in Fife, and his Uncle and Aunty in Peterborough.  He’s also been doing a bit of shopping on our behalf, and has proved to be worthy of top male shopper of the year.  He has a hefty suitcase full of loot to bring back for the kids, in four more sleeps.

photo (36)
The loot we’re waiting for! Is that an H&M bag I spy? … wonder who that’s for!!!

He even managed to find me the Marian Keye’s Mystery of Mercy Close book in paperback with the pretty white cover.  I do love a pretty book cover and I am giddy with the excitement of getting my nose into this story.  Marian is one of my favourite authors ever, plus she is the most fabulous twitter-er.  She makes me laugh every day.  I have no idea how I held out so long, but I can’t wait to get that book in my hot little hands.

Ashtie-Smashtie got his cast cut down below the elbow!  Hello elbow, haven’t seen you for a while!  His wee arm is skinnier – which didn’t seem possible, but the way he’s kung fooing and generally throwing that cast around now, it won’t be long till he’s lifting weights!

photo (27)
Ready for the buzzy saw, that makes him laugh so much he almost fell of the chair!
photo (28)
Ashton man, showing of his muscles!

The kids and I have been eating a fair few fish fingers and the like, simply because being solo is quite tiring.  I attempted to provide healthy meals in the form of chicken legs and veges.  They ate carrots sticks.  The cat ate the chicken.  I know this because I found a chicken bone under the table when I vacuumed.

Though Isabelle and Ashton have taken regular turns at musical beds, and I’ve been unable to settle into any serious writing, I’m finding the knitting and the crocheting is keeping me busy in the evenings.

I’ve been using the YouTubes again, this time I made a flower with three layers of petals, using this tutorial:

The woman on it is fantastic, and it’s not too complicated.

Okay that’s a lie.  It was throwing me into all kinds of confusion with the turning and the singles and the doubles, but after I’d restarted about 9 times, and I got through the first layer and figured out how to start the next one, it all came together, and each layer is the same but with more stitches, so my brain eventually cottoned on!

Hence, another tea cosy is complete!

Knitted Tea Cosy, Crochet Flower
Knitted Tea Cosy, Crochet Flower

It was with great shame last week, that I finally got around to checking the tag on the back of Isabelle’s very tight-fitting, now more like three-quarter sleeve rain coat, only to discover it was a size five.  Whoops.  I told her all last year we should get a new one, and I never got around to it.  So yesterday, while my Mother in-law took the children to the movies, I found myself having a wee wander around the shops, and picked Belles up a nice pink one in a size 10.  Phew.  Good Mother card restored!

Isabelle rocking her new rain coat
Isabelle rocking her new rain coat

I picked up another couple of buttons for my favourite necklace in the weekend.  I’ve mentioned Two Lyttel Buttons before.  I’m a huge fan, and I love how reasonably priced they are, only $7 each.

Two little buttons from Two Lyttel Buttons
Two little buttons from Two Lyttel Buttons

This weekend just past, the kids were very excited because Aunty Caroline came for a sleep over.  I was very excited too as it’s been one of those crazy starts to the year where we haven’t had a lot of time to just sit together and natter.

Caroline has been in my life since I was 13 years old – I just worked out that’s 22 years of friendship! We bonded back then over a shared love of Jeff Wilson and Dirty Dancing.

My sister Jac came over to join us for tea, and I produced my Jamie Oliver 15 minute meal of beans and chicken and rice, which was as delicious as always.  Nicky Byrne from Westlife was on Saturday Night Takeaway – he surprised a lady in the audience, did ya see him? Did ya see him?  Go on, course you did.

It’s always lovely catching up with Caroline, because it always involve lots of cups of tea and plenty of chatting.  Belles and Ashtie love Aunty Caroline’s visits, because she is wonderful, and also she brings cool things – like chocolate, and cupcakes!!

After the little ones were in bed, we had intended to watch a DVD, but we didn’t even get around to putting a movie on, instead we nattered the night away until it was the wee hours of the morning!

We woke up to a rainy Sunday morning and all was as I wish every Sunday morning could be. Chitter chattering, croissants and jam, a pot of tea, the heat pump cranking and What Now on the tele to keep the little ones occupied.

photo (29)

Caroline came bearing gifts from her trip to America, including a New York fridge magnet and chocolate with our names on them… too fabulous!

She also lent Belles a huge bag of Baby Sitter Club books, which I am so excited about!  I want to read them to her.  She likes to read to herself.  I will bribe her with the little heart lollies Caroline got for us in the US of A!!

And that chickens, is pretty much where I’m at.

Today I made my first ever batch of bagels, and I’d be happy to have another go at them.  I’m determined to overcome my nervousness when it comes to baking bread type things.  They were a little over cooked I think, but they tasted grand so who cares if they were a little crunchy? Definitely no one in my family!!

photo (35)

I’ve managed a little writing, but not much, but with Aidan home this weekend, I’ll soon be climbing back on the scribing pony and trotting out thousands of words of beautiful prose!  That’s the aim anyways.

So I shall bid you good night. Sleep tight… don’t let the bed bugs bite.

I’ll see you in the soup.  You bring a spoon, we’ll have a pea together!