What a couple of months it has been! The dust balls are rolling past the pages of my wee blog I realise, so I thought I would give you an update from The World of WellyChelle.

After a rather drawn out process with ACC, we finally got approval for Aidan to go to Auckland for Muscle Transfer Surgery. For those not in the know, Aidan was hit by a car in 2011, knocked off his motorbike, and has been left with a long term brachial plexus injury to his right shoulder and arm. 

He’s had nerve surgery in 2012, which gave him movement back to his elbow, but wasn’t successful in restoring shoulder function, so he has no outer rotation (think holding a plate in front of you, shaking someones hand, reaching for a pen – those kind of things!) So from nerve surgeon to shoulder surgeon we transferred, and latissimus Dorsi transfer was the path they felt best for him.

The only man for the job is a wonderful surgeon, Mr Peter Poon, in Auckland. So we road tripped up, got the job done, and spent two weeks in Pauanui while Aidan recovered from the surgery. 
We were then allowed home, but Aidan is now on strict instructions not to use his arm for eight weeks. 

We are up to week 5, and so far he is being very good. I am only nagging at a mildly higher level than usual. Not using his arm at all is a challenge, and being in a sling 24 hours a day makes for a rather stiff elbow joint. But we have to protect the muscle that’s been transferred, and give it the best chance at attachment. Then when Mr Poon feels it’s ready, Aidan will head back to physio and rehab, and we will keep all our fingers and toes crossed that the muscle is strong enough to do its new job. 

It’s another step on the recovery journey, and we are staying positive and hopeful that good things are to come!

In the mean time, Aidan is off work and is doing an excellent job of keeping my tea cup full while I write my way closer to the final copy of Dancing Inside Out, which I aim to have ready for publishing by August.

I am doing an excellent job of taking the rubbish out on Wednesday mornings and I have only forgotten him in the shower once. 

So lets clear away the dust, bake a batch of bikkies and let the blogging recommence! 

love WellyChelle xxx