It’s a wonderful thing. To sit and sip tea and talk books. The highs and lows, the difference in opinions. Looking at characters from different angles and talking twists and turns in plot.

We started our book club, The Book Nook, earlier in the year. We’ve only had two meetings, but it really is a lovely thing to have a couple of hours of my time, set aside just for my love of books.

The surprising thing is how much it has opened my eyes to different authors and styles of writing. When time is tight, as it always is, I tend to fall back on old favourites. Now don’t get me wrong, those old favourites are as loved and enjoyed as ever before. I will not be giving up my Freya North, my Lee Child, my Richard North Patterson and my Marian Keyes, not for anyone!

But there are a wealth of interesting, well written books out there, just waiting to be devoured. Other peoples favourites are opened up and shared, and the best thing about book club is that there is an endless possibility of finding incredible, enticing prose.

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