Hello my lovely chickens!

I know I have been a terrible bore since the last school holidays, having put the blogging on the back burner while I scribbled and edited my way to a fully functioning work of fiction.

But I’m still here!

Last night, someone on twitter asked for people to name the thing they most like about themselves, and I had to admit it’s my writing.

When I stop and consider the patience and commitment that goes into writing, I am often stunned that I ended up in this place. Where once I was a person who flitted from one idea to the next, who never really followed through (or so I would have myself believe) I have developed a discipline that I never realised was inside me. I have my mountains to climb, my terrible spelling, my over use of adverbs. Having to look up what an adverb is. But I’ve also learned a lot.

There is a writing muscle that has been growing in me these last few years, and it is a pretty exciting thing to find I can flex and point it where and when I need to. This didn’t happen over night, and I feel there is still a great deal of ground to be gained. But you know what, it’s there.

There are enormous challenges with being a self published writer, from a little country at the bottom of the globe.

But my fiction comes from the people and places of New Zealand. And what a marvellous foundation that has given me to create characters that are funny and open to new experiences and ideas.

So here I am, two weeks out from Making Over Mabel’s publication day. A new clan of characters to introduce to you all. And I can’t wait!

Image courtesy of jesadaphorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net