I’m still a work in progress, but I’m learning to let go of the spurious belief that every life event comes with a ‘right’ way of doing things. That there is a perfect way of being in the world.
The funny thing is, the more I let go of perfect, the more happy I am.

I’m beginning to realise how truly exhausting it is, living life trying to meet the expectations of others, and beating myself up when I don’t get things perfectly right.

You miss so much when you’ve got your head down all the time. So I’m working at looking up these days. I’m worrying less about being perfect and instead I’m working everyday at being the best me I can be! 

And when I say everyday, I mean almost everyday, because some days ‘best’ me needs to stay in bed till lunch time watching Gilmore Girls and eating biscuits. 

Which, I truly believe, is about as close to perfect as it gets!


There are wonderful people and places and things in this world.